We celebrate each child’s achievements and preparing them for a smooth and happy transition into the Primary School

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is interactive, hands on unlocking incredible cognitive, social and emotional growth which equips our learners with skills required to be able to handle more formal approach. The following basic curriculum areas are instructed at this stage: Literacy, Numeracy, Geography and History, Expressive Art, Science and Physical Education.

We understand the importance of providing a great start to a child’s education, igniting their passion for learning as they grow.

Dedicated teachers encourage and promote ‘active’ learning throughout all the areas of the child's Education.

We aim to develop each child to their full potential by offering a play based approach to learning and development, taking individual interests, needs and learning styles into account.

All children are talented, unique and gifted in a special way. Let us grow with with and nurture your child in a way that will make him or her an internationally responsible citizen

We put the needs of your child first, Un-paralleled support and Excellent care