We are committed to Improving physical and mental wellbeing of every child

Our Story

A person’s attitude to sport and physical activity is often shaped by their experiences as a child or adolescent. Kinderworld's schools’ programmes are founded on creating fun and positive learning experiences in skill acquisition and physical literacy.

We are dedicated to deliver a sport programme which aims to:

Provide a range of individual and team sporting opportunities for all students with an emphasis on creativity, fun, enjoyment and learning for whole of school participation and engagement;

We value sport as a vehicle to:

Be challenged, and to build confidence, self-belief and resilience; Make friends and strengthen relationships;

A favourable environment

Our environment is one that actively supports and nurtures a culture of endeavour, work ethic, and the pursuit of excellence from grassroots high performing teams and programmes through:

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Sports.

Competition plays an important part in the advancement our pupils and we work hard to provide the right competitive experience for everyone. .